Workshops, Training & Projects

“We were very impressed with Aedan’s presentation. The presentation was delivered at the right level , and the content was very informative.”

I can deliver creative, informative and innovative sessions to suit the needs of your organisation; I am also keen to develop new workshops and I’m always happy to hear from potential collaborators.

I have experience in facilitating sessions for a diverse mix of groups, and in the design and delivery of training & information sessions for professionals, Public Health staff and service users alike.

Previous workshops include:

Some Boys Have Vaginas – A Trans* Masculine Sexual Health Workshop

Sex, Love and Intimacy for Gay, Bisexual and Men Who Have Sex with Men (Trans* Inclusive)

Trans* Sexual Health – A sexual health 101 for young trans* people

Trans* Awareness Training

Trans* Awareness Training for counselors

LGBTQ Human Rights & Tackling Bullying (School Assembly)

For more information please get in touch.

Previous workshop have been delivered for Antidote; ELOP; London Friend; Birmingham LGBT; West London Gay Men’s Project; Alderman Peel High School; The Mancroft Advice Project; Healthy Gay Life & Sexual Health Birmingham (NHS)

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