aedanheadshotMy name is Aedan James Wolton, I am a group facilitator, one-to-one mentor, trainer and educator. I provide advice and support to trans*/gender-variant youth, as well as training for employers, schools and care professionals on trans* issues.

Currently, I’m studying towards an undergraduate degree in Social Work at Goldsmiths, University of London and recently took on the role of Organiser for the TG 2014 conference at The University of East Anglia. I am a qualified Sexual Health Trainer and for the last two years I have worked in various East London boroughs for the Terrence Higgins Trust, providing sexual health information and free chlamydia and gonorrhea screens to young people in the area. I also work for the West London Gay Men’s Project providing rapid HIV testing and outreach services to MSM and trans* people. I am involved (in a voluntary capacity) in service delivery at CliniQ in Soho; the UK’s only dedicated weekly clinic for Trans* people, their families, friends and significant others.

I am experienced in the designing and delivering of bespoke lgbt/trans* awareness training & sexual health workshops for minority groups (the trans* community in particular). I provide consultancy & services independently, but also through the following organisations:

Outside of my professional life I enjoy social media, playing the ukulele and attempting to grow vegetables on a small patch of concrete in North London.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Aedan,

    I’m not sure if you remember me, but I came to the TG support group one time in Norwich (it was in December I think – around Christmas time). My friend Heidi introduced me; however I have tried to get back in contact but lost the card you gave me with the details.

    I would like to come again, could you please send me some info through.

    My email address is below. Look forward to hearing from ya


    1. Hi Jenna,

      I’m so sorry for not picking this up sooner. This website gets so many spam commments that I often don’t check the comments. I’m really sorry it’s taken me this long to get back to you.

      I’ve been aware from MAP for a couple of months (and will be away until June) because of work commitments in London. Have you made it back in my absence? If not, the you would be so welcome to do so, but I’m afraid I’ll miss you (until June). Chris and Linda will still be facilitating the group though.

      You can get in contact via evolve@map.uk.net, but actually it may be best to phone 01603 766994.

      The group runs every first Wednesday of the month from 6.30 til 8pm at MAP, The Risebrow Centre, Chantry Road, Norwich Norfolk, NR2 1RF.

      Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with?



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